Change of Venue

We received an email the morning of August 1, 2019 informing us that our wedding venue (Noah’s, Overland Park) would be permanently closing on August 31st. As most of you realize, that is BEFORE our scheduled wedding on October 11th. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how devastating this news is. We are currently scrambling to salvage our wedding that we have been planning for over 2 years. While we are grateful to still be able To unite in the sacrament of marriage, we are hopeful that we can pull off the amazing celebration we have put so much thought and effort into planning. We appreciate all the kind words and offers of assistance as we figure out what our options are. Thank you in advance for all of your understanding during this especially stressful time and to any unforeseen changes we may have to make. We will keep you posted as we know more......but the show must go on!